Socio-Cultural Theory

| February 7, 2016

Socio-Cultural Theory

For this assignment, write a paper in which you analyze at least two of the above articles to explore socio-cultural theory as it is applied in different studies. Include the following in your paper:
¥ What is the main thesis of the article?
¥ What evidence did the author provides to argue his/her thesis? (Please include methods)
¥ What are the key lessons from the article, according to your analysis?
¥ How might these lessons be applied – to your work, or more generally?
¥ What, in your opinion, are the strengths / weaknesses of the article? (Well-written? Poorly written? Easy to understand? Relevant, etc?).
Length: 5-7 pages not including title and reference pages.
References: Minimum of 3-5 scholarly resources.

Owen, H. (2005). Socio-cultural theory – An interpretive framework for computer assisted language learning?
Peck, C. A., Gallucci, C., Sloan, T., & Lippincott, A. (2009). Organizational learning and program renewal in teacher education: A socio-cultural theory of learning, innovation and change.

Postholm, M. B. (2007). Teaching and learning in a university classroom: A Norwegian case study on students’ perspectives.

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