Social Work Values and Ethics

| February 2, 2016

Social Work Values and Ethics

B. Critical Self–Reflective Account (60%)
You are required to submit a 2000 word critical self – reflective account which addresses all the following;
• Why you chose the two areas for the session summaries.
• What you have learnt about yourself in relation to your own values.
• How can this learning support your professional development as a social worker?

This account must include a reference list (in addition to the 2000 word limit) and relate explicitly to the overarching module theme of Values and Ethics in Practice.

Marking Criteria:
For part (B):
• Work considers principles of equality, social justice and human rights, and recognises the importance of diversity for social work.
• Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of professional behaviours and personal / professional boundaries.
• Work demonstrates an understanding of the professions ethical principles and their relevance to practice.
• Demonstrate an awareness of your own values and critically reflect on how these can impact on practice.
• A relevant reference list which includes knowledge and legislation.

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