Social Pressure and Social Media

| February 11, 2016

Social Pressure and Social Media
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Research Paper:

After reading “Doing Research” (Bullock 419-574), compose a clear, well-written, properly documented (MLA format) argumentative essay of at least five to seven pages (1250-1500 words minimum), with a cover page and Works Cited page (cover page and Works Cited do not count toward the five- to seven-page requirement) on the topic you chose for your argumentative essay, above. That is, you will now further develop your essay by adding additional sources and refining and expanding your argument.

The research paper must be argumentative (persuasive), with a clear, explicit, and assertive thesis statement, and must use a minimum of three to five secondary sources; secondary sources must be scholarly/professional criticism or analysis, not summaries, reviews, or “analysis” from sites such as e-Notes, SparkNotes, Wikipedia*, 123HelpMe, or Instead, use the library resources, including the available electronic databases such as Academic Search Complete, InfoTrac General OneFile, Lexis-Nexis Academic, Opposing Viewpoints in Context, Points of View Reference Center, and CQ Researcher, to locate appropriate sources. To access the databases from home, click on the individual database link. Then, when prompted, enter your username (N #) and password (PIN). You must include at least one short quotation, one long—block—quotation, and one paraphrase, and these sources must be properly documented (utilizing MLA format), and integrated into your writing smoothly and correctly.

* On use of Wikipedia in college-level research, see Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales on PBS NewsHour, here: “I don’t think at a university level it makes sense to cite any encyclopedia in an academic paper. That’s just not what an encyclopedia’s role is in the research process. Maybe if you’re in junior high, you know? If some kid out there is twelve years old and they wrote something and they put in a footnote, we should be thrilled, right? That’s his first start on the idea of crediting other people with ideas and things like that, but at the university level? No, it’s a bit junior high to cite an encyclopedia.”

Preliminary Draft: Due Session 28, Tuesday, Dec. 15
A finished, typed draft of the completed research essay must be brought to class for peer review, evaluation, and comments. This should be a complete draft of your research essay, using a minimum of three to five secondary sources, roughly six pages, and including both a cover page and Works Cited page.
Note: you do not need to submit the folder containing copies of your sources at this time. Failure to bring the required essay will result in a zero for the assignment.

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