Social Media Recruiting- Give your opinion to this article below

| January 31, 2017

As technology continues to evolve, it plays an increasingly important role in the way companies approach the talent search and the hiring process (Business News). Social media is now being used by a wide variety of job seekers as well as employers. Job seekers can search all the information they want about a company as well as follow them on these social media sites so they can find out when there is a job opportunity with them. Some people even go as far as reaching out to those companies and certain employees who work them and communicate through their social media profiles. Social media works for both sides of the staffing process. Social media has shown that it can open the doors for recruiters to be able to discover more talent out there and for them to reach out those people. Social media can significantly expand the universe of applicants and shed valuable light on job candidates—when a disciplined approach is used (SHRM). Today’s age – generation y and soon to be generation z – are so used to having their social media sites be a part of their everyday life. Most people from those generations actually use their social media profiles as their professional portfolios to show potential employers what they can do and what they can bring to the organization. Using social media as part of the staffing process is also great for reaching candidates not in the immediate area. If someone can find a job through social media and video interviews, they will more than likely be quicker to make the move versus moving there and trying to find a job once you get to a new place.

Some problems and legal implications can be discrimination. By searching the social media pages, you are seeing what they race or ethnicity is. It might be a better idea for companies to run a social media search after already meeting candidates and conducting face-to-face interview. Another problem can be that using social media to find potential employees can be very time consuming. It will take longer to go through candidate’s profiles than it would through their resumes.
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