Social Media Recruiting- Give your opinion to this article below

| January 31, 2017

Every month 288 million people use Twitter, 300 million use Instagram and 890 million a day use Facebook. Social platforms, with the largest audiences available, have become marketing platforms, and not just for clothes and kitchen appliances. Hiring managers and recruiters are increasingly turning to the social web to market their companies to job seekers” (Budzienski, 2015).

Social media and it’s technological advancements throughout the 2000’s has been quite the game changer. Employers worldwide have been turning to social media for job postings, getting the company name out there, and being social with their friends and family. Unfortunately, a lot of job seekers, current employees and employers have not changed their ways when it comes to what’s posted. Many people, regardless of age, have continued year after year to negatively post and comment on things on social media. This can absolutely be a negative effect to those job seekers when their future possible employer can view those racier photos or can see what negativity you speak on pages view-able to the public. A lot of employers find this a turn off when it comes to the hiring process and more favorable in the firing process. Many employers find these employees representatives of the company name and expect them to treat that with respect. A lot of the older generations also find that the racier photos and posts finding them distasteful and wrong. “Millennials, especially, think about their employment differently than previous generations. They are like athletes joining professional teams, staying only as long as the relationship benefits both” (Budzienski, 2015).

A lot of employers find that going on the route of “stalking” their future potential employees to find dirt on them is okay. But it isn’t; and a lot of risks can arise from those choices if employers full heartedly make their decisions based on social media posts and pages. “Those risks, they said, might manifest as civil rights complaints filed under Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act and/or similar state-based anti-discrimination laws” (Bologna, 2014). Employers don’t think about the negative backlashes that can happen with these choices of finding out more about an employee. People in general don’t realize how quickly they are to judge someone based on what they post and what thoughts go through ones head as they are looking at these things. Not only does this happen to employers; this happens to you, me, and everyone else in this world. We are a judging and critically mean world and regardless of my feelings, we all do the same thing to who and what we see as they do.

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