SOC 110 Week 1 Group Communication Competencies Survey and Summary

| October 3, 2018

SOC110 Week 1 Group Communication Competencies Survey and Summary ( Part 1 Survey and Part 2 + Original + References )———————————————–Complete the University of Phoenix Material: Group Communication Competencies Survey – complete Parts 1 and 2.Group Communication Competencies SurveyThere are two sections to the Group Communication Competencies Survey – complete both sections.Part 1On a 5-point scale, where 5 is “extremely important” and 1 is “not at all important,” rate the following types of group competencies in terms of their importance for becoming a highly effectivegroup member. Circle one number for each item. When you are finished, ask yourself this question: How competent am I in the “extremely important” areas?Member and Group CompetenciesExtremely ImportantVery ImportantSomewhat ImportantNot Very ImportantNot at All ImportantUnderstand the group communication process.54321Reduce your nervousness when speaking in a discussion or meeting.54321Understand, respect, and adapt to diverse group members.54321Communicate openly and ethically.54321Carry out critical task roles, by asking questions and summarizing ideas, and social roles, by encouraging and supporting members.54321Influence group members to change their attitudes and behavior.54321Use and interpret nonverbal communication effectively.54321Develop clear group goals.54321Listen appropriately and effectively to other members.54321Intervene appropriately to resolve member and group problems.54321Develop effective interpersonal relationships with group members.54321Manage and resolve interpersonal conflicts.54321Develop and follow a well-organized meeting agenda.54321Actively contribute to group discussions.54321Use gestures, body language, and eye contact effectively.54321Demonstrate strong leadership skills.54321Research and share important ideas and information with group members.54321Use visual aids and presentation software effectively.54321Plan and conduct effective meetings.54321Use appropriate procedures for group decision making and problem solving.54321Ask questions to clarify ideas and get needed information.54321Motivate group members.54321Use assertiveness strategies and skills confidently and effectively.54321Respect and adapt to group norms, or standards of behavior.54321Prepare and deliver effective presentations or oral reports.54321Use appropriate and effective words in a group discussion.54321Use parliamentary procedures effectively and fairly in meetings.54321Use effective technologies and skills to communicate in virtual groups.54321Develop and present valid arguments and opinions in a group discussion.54321Provide appropriate emotional support to group members.54321Other strategies or skills:54321Part 2Providea 300- to 500-word summary of your results and ways to improve your competency.Group Communication Competencies SurveySOC/110 Version 6SOC/110 Week 1 Assignment Group Communication Competencies Survey and SummarySOC 110 Teamwork, Collaboration and Conflict Resolution

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