Smart goals

| December 15, 2015

Smart goals
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This assessment is focused on SMART Goal setting. The GOALS must be SMART oriented.

There must be a clear connection between the GOALS set.

You will represent 8 SMART goals as follows;

4 professional SMART goals.

4 personal SMART goals.

You will need to break down each goal and explain the two key points of attainment and realistic.

Whilst reference are not necessarily required they can be included to enhance your explanation of your goals and how the link into your life plan.

Discuss your reflection using the following as a guide ONLY:

• What was the exercise brief (did I understand the instructions if not, why didn’t I?) what did you think the purpose of the exercise was?

• What did I learn about myself during this exercise? What do I need to change and what’s my plan to do so

• How will, what I learnt change my behaviour in the future. Previous experience can predict future behaviour

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