Simple Linear Regression Assignment

| August 14, 2017

Simple Linear Regression Assignment1Set up the following:Indicator variable for Gender: specify the base you chose, use that as your new column name (5 points)Indicator variables for Browser: specify the base you chose, and then set up as many new columns as needed (15 points)1Run the followings and save results on a Word document (You’re your word file as yourlastname_MLRmodel [5 points])1A simple linear regression using years of Education as your predictor.i. Report: R2, whether years of Education is a significant predictor (5 points each)ii. Write the regression equation in content (10 points)1Add Gender to the above modeli. Report: R2, is this a better model (5 points each)ii. Interpret the coefficient of Gender (whichever you chose) – 10 points1Add Mobile and Browser to the modeli. Write the regression equation in content (10 points)ii. Is there any non-significant predictor? If yes, list them. (5 points)iii. Rerun the regression after removing non-significant predictors, than report the R2 (5 points), and Write the regression equation in content (10 points)1Decide on which model you would choose to be your “final” model and the justifications (reasons) – 5 points

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