Service Learning Assignment – MGT 4329 Spring 2015 – Dr. Mike Onorato

| September 6, 2016

Service Learning Assignment – MGT 4329 Spring 2015 – Dr. Mike Onorato

New Ground Inc.

In accordance with our Syllabus, a Strategic Assignment for Service Learning will be required for ALL students registered in Managerial Strategy and Policy, MGT 4329 Classes.

In this assignment, you will act as Consultants providing recommendations to several Strategic Issues that the Company is requesting. The attached sheet provides an overview of the Company and recent Financials are also available on BlackBoard. Questions can be submitted directly to Google Docs platform, where the URLis indicated below.

That following will be required:

The Assignment will be conducted by each Group that has already been established for Team Presentations

Each group will determine HOW to manage the process and the assignment

A five page report and recommended resolution to each of the Company’s questions/concerns, will be required no later than April 23

The report is graded as 10 points for The Service Learning Assignment, as indicated in the Syllabus

Each report will be graded up to 10 pts and will be applied to ALL members in the group

Late submittals will not be accepted and each group member will not receive the 10 points

After reviewing the reports, I will select 4 students to present their findings ( 10 – 15 minute Power Point Presentation) to the Company and selected Faculty on Saturday, May 2. These students will be granted extra credit toward their Final Grade.

Questions regarding the assignment can be posted by students directly onto a Google Docs platform that will be reviewed by Dr. Niall Hegarty (Coordinator – Tobin School of Business) and the Director of the Company. The URL for the Google Docs platform is:”>

NEW GROUND Assignment BU 5190 Spring 2015

Since 1991 New Ground has been working diligently to break the cycle of homelessness for families and veterans on Long Island. This non-profit organization seeks not only to prevent families from being homeless but also strives to give individuals the training and support they need in order achieve self sufficiency.

New Ground currently provides social work and education services to 25 families and seven veterans in 12 rented houses located in Nassau and Suffolk counties. Families normally stay in the program for a period of 3-5 years to ensure sustainable independence once they become self sufficient. There is also a Jump Start program which pre-screens and prepares families who wish to enter the Long Term Housing Program when a unit becomes available. Such is the success of New Ground that there is a two- year wait time to enter its’ programs.

The organization is run on a daily basis by an executive director who oversees an associate program director, an office and events coordinator, an office assistant, and three social workers. This staff is overseen by a 15 member Board of Directors from a variety of different professional backgrounds (lawyers, accountants, real estate professionals, and general business). It also has a Board of Advisors for additional support in the areas of finance and fundraising. The organization is also cultivating a Young Professionals Board in an effort to bring younger professionals into the organization.

New Ground’s budget has increased every year over the past five years and this year New Ground is operating with a budget of about $830k of which $370k comes from contracts with two other non-profits for the services provided to the Long Term Housing Program (LTHP) participants and local school districts. The balance is made up from donations, grants, and fundraising events. These funds are used to pay staff, cover all operating expenses, and provide a variety of social work services and education programs to help its clients. New Ground is especially proud of the fact that for over a decade, almost every June has seen 100% of the children in families receiving their help successfully move on to the next grade.

As with all non-profits New Ground has its challenges. It would like to extend its social media reach by exploring the possibility of a promotional video on its website which portrays the mission of New Ground. Also, New Ground would like to explore the possibility of buying four 2-family houses in the Baldwin, Freeport and/or Malvern areas with the help of NYS HHAP grants. For this purpose, New Ground has specifically hired a grant writer to secure the HHAP grant. This grant writer is in addition to a part time grant writer who currently brings in 60% of all grant funds to New Ground. All currenthousing for the LTHP is owned and operated by a separate nonprofit called the Interfaith Nutrition Network (INN). New Ground has an expansion fund of $250,000 to assist in the outfitting of these homes should it receive the HHAP grant which will cover the purchase price of houses plus additional seed money. Acceptance of this grant is based upon a commitment of 30 years to house homeless families with a preference for veteran headed households which will improve the attractiveness of their grant application. Should New Ground receive the grant it would hope to pursue similar grants every two years to grow its stock of housing.

New Ground needs your consulting from the following perspectives:

What should it be looking to include in its online video clip? Please benchmark against other non-profits websites to best advise New Ground. Please note – an added challenge here is that New Ground has a VERY strict confidentiality policy and thus there is the added challenge of not being able to show any current, future, or past program recipients in the video!
New Ground needs your insight into how best to manage these new properties – should it hire a caretaker, hold clients responsible, or engage a property management company? Within 4 years it could have as many as 8 houses. Please benchmark against one local and national non-profits in making your recommendations to New Ground.

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