| September 29, 2018

MOD000897 Introduction to Accounting and FinanceAssignment Brief 2013/14 Semester 1NEW HAIR CARE PRODUCTSCENARIO:You have developed a new hair care product, which you believe could revolutionise the hair care market.Following on from the Dragon’s Den success of Levi Root’s Reggae Reggae Sauce – (search the internet if you are unfamiliar with this story), you have decided to make a pitch to a small group of potential investors.You know that any potential investor will expect you to have a good knowledge of how much your product will cost to produce and also of the expected level of sales and profit your product is predicted to make.REQUIRED:Prepare a marginal costing cost statement for your product on a ‘per unit’ and 12 months sales/production basis. 5 marksProduce the following financial documents for the first 12 months of trading:Cash Budget(month by month)15 marksForecast Income Statement(for the year)10 marksForecast Balance Sheet(for the year)10 marksWrite a 1,000 word ‘pitch’ explaining the costing and financial data from tasks 1 and 2 above, to your potential investors.35 marks

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