Security management

| December 4, 2015

Security management

Security management term paper assignment:
As the newly appointed CSO of a start-up proprietary organization, you are required to develop a comprehensive business plan as it relates to the functionality of your security department. The CEO has asked that you set policy along with goals and objectives in each of the following areas:

-overall business (action) plan for your department
-training and development
-managing behavior
-integration with other departments
-budget and finance to include a zero based budget.

Please answer each of the six categories in short essay form. Additionally, your introduction should include an overall mission statement for your department

Seven (7) pages, 12 point font with bibliography of three (3) references including class text.

**text used in class: security operations management 2nd edition, Robert d. McCrie
ISBN: 13: 978-0-7506-7882-7

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