SEC 10K report on EXXON (XOM:NYSE)

| June 14, 2016

Need assistance with a SEC 10-K Project
You will be asked to select a company that is publicly traded. You must research and secure the SEC 10-K Annual Report for the most recent year. This is often available at the company web site. Look for Investor Information or Company Information. Save the file to your computer for access. There is no need to print as the report is usually 100 pages or more.

Post the name of your company in the SEC 10-K company for my approval in the week 1 discussion.
Each student must select a different company so read the company names selected by classmates.
You will use this company for discussions during the semester.
You will write a 2 – 3 page paper, single spaced, one inch margins, 12-pt font, with double space between paragraphs. Your paper should comment on the financial statements for your company as they relate to the information presented in chapters 12 – 17 of your textbook, including the notes to the financial statements. Do not consider information from chapters 18 – 25 in your paper.
At a minimum, use the following headings to organize your paper:
Balance Sheet
Income Statement
Statement of Cash Flows
You will also be required to include the Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement as an attachment to your report under the Exhibits heading (you can cut and paste directly from the 10-K report).
Avoid academic dishonesty. Write your paper, read it, and edit. Use your own words, and don’t steal from another student or the internet.
APA style is required for in-text citations and the reference list. Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab has a good”>website that summarizes APA citations that you can consult.
Ask questions if any of the requirements are unclear.
Additional Information

Page count does not include title page, tables and exhibits, and reference list.
Please include a title page.
Include in-text citations in APA format.
Take care to comply with the UMUC policy for academic honesty.
Write your paper, in your own words, using accounting terminology from our textbook and explaining how these relate to the financial statements of your company.
Our discussion postings during the semester should assist you in completing this paper.
Visit the Accounting Toolbox in the Course Content of our LEO Classroom.
The Accounting Toolbox is a constant resource in our UMUC undergraduate accounting courses.
Links and explanations to assist you with this paper may appear in this resource.
Additional information will be posted in the week 1 discussion area of LEO Classroom. Please make sure you review carefully and ask questions if you have any.
SEC 10-K PowerPoint Presentation

You will also be required to prepare a brief PowerPoint presentation of no more than 6 slides (not including title and reference slides).
Consider presenting information in charts, graphs, and/or tables to make your presentation easier to read by an audience.
Avoid having large blocks of text because this is difficult for an audience to read.
Avoid copying blocks of text directly from your paper.
You can include speaker’s notes to show what you’d “speak” if you were giving the presentation. However, you should avoid copying text directly from your paper since people speak different than they write. Plus if you simply copy text from your paper as your speaker’s notes, you’ll end up reading your presentation, and again, people speak differently than they write.
Include a reference slide in APA format.

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