Seaport ECOL 100 Practice Final (2014)

| August 14, 2017

Seaport Quiz / Exam:ECOL 100 Practice FinalQuiz/Exam Complete (Based on total number of questions)Question: All of the following are exmaples of environmental nonprofit, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), exceptQuestion: As a form of waste reduction, reuse does all of the following, EXCEPTQuestion: Which of the following is NOT a type of ewaste?Question: At what level of exposure to a particular toxic chemical will the chemical cause harm?Question: Markets do well in the production and distribution of private goods, but are not so good atQuestion: Typical rain in the eastern US is at least _____ times more acidic than what normal precipitation should beQuestion: Governments intervene in markets to do all of the following, EXCEPTQuestion: Developed contries, in the year 2000, pledged to devote 0.7% of their national income toward reducing hunger and poverty, and moving toward environmental sustainability. What is the average actual amount donated by these countries?Question: The trickle-down effect describes howQuestion: Which of the following would NOT traditionally support an eco-economy?Question: The process by which individuals and groups tries to influence or control the policies and actions of governments is known asQuestion: Countries whose environment has been severely degraded may be characterized by any of the following, EXCEPTQuestion: Ecological and environmental economists consider which of the following to be a basic cause of environmental degradation, pollution, poor health, and premature death?Question: Human inputs of outdoor air pollutants occur mostlyQuestion: New and more innovative business replacing older ones that can no longer thrive under changing economic conditions is known asQuestion: ________relates to the amount of a potentially toxic substance as it passes through food chains and webs.Question: Which of the following countries did not adopt Agenda 21, the global agenda for sustainable development in the 21st century?Question: The atmospheric layer containing 75% of the mass of earth’s air is theQuestion: Levying taxes on each unit of pollution discharged into the air or water is an example ofQuestion: Which branch of the U.S. government is responsible for instructing federal agencies on their tasks?Question: Environmentalists say that the best way to handle soft drink and beer containers is toQuestion: Which of the following is the LEAST desirable from an environmental standpoint?Question: Since 1980, the gap between the rich and the poor hasQuestion: The system responsible for defense against disease and harmful substances is theQuestion: Most of earth’s weather occurs in theQuestion: The U.S. population isQuestion: The leading cause of water pollution is?Question: Pollutants in the Great Lakes of North America can take up to ____ to be flushed out to the Atlantic Ocean.Question: To qualify as a megacity, it must have a population of ____ people.Question: Waste that includes paper, food wastes, cans, bottles, yard waste, glass, wood, and similar items is calledQuestion: In a warmer world, which of the following organisms are likely to be hardest hit?Question: One way to attempt to deal with the solid wastes we create is to attempt to reduce the environmental impact without trying to reduce the amount of waste produced. This is calledQuestion: With 4.6% of the world’s population, the United States produces about _____ of the world’s solid waste.Question: Without changing what we are doing to the environment, the projected amount of warming by the year 2100 isQuestion: In general, acid deposition has harmful effects for terrestrial ecosystems when it falls below a pH level ofQuestion: Large masses of floating plastics in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans are known asQuestion: Experts rate indoor air pollution as aQuestion: Which of the following is a point source of water pollution?Question: The degradation of Lake Washington resulted from the introduction by sewage treatment plants of which of the following?Question: The most serious threat from ozone depletion is that increased UV radiationQuestion: According to a 2009 EPA report, between 1980 and 2008 the combined emissions of six major air pollutants decreased by how much?Question: The amount of solid waste produced in the United States each year would fill a convoy of garbage trucks stretching around the world almostQuestion: Which has NOT been a major factor promoting urban sprawl in the United States?Question: Which of the following is NOT one of the world’s leading greenhouse gas producer?Question: All of the following are on EPA’s “four most dangerous indoor air pollutants list,” EXCEPTQuestion: To be considered safe for swimming, a 100 milliliter sample of water should contain ___ or fewer colonies of coliform bacteria.Question: The natural nutrient enrichment of a shallow lake, estuary, or slow moving stream is calledQuestion: Which of the following is not a characteristic of PCBs?Question: The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates how many people on earth do NOT have access to clean drinking water?Question: One fish in _____ taken from the Great Lakes is unsafe for human consumption.

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