Saint MBA530 midterm exam 2015

| September 28, 2018

Midterm Exam
This exam
contains 10 short-answer questions covering materials from Modules
1-4. All questions require that you demonstrate a rigorous level of
critical-thinking skills and abilities in your answers in addition to
addressing all the topics and issues relevant to the question.

You will
have 150 minutes to complete the exam. Click on “save” regularly while in the
exam or risk losing all your answers in the event of a system error. You also
must click “submit” within the time allowed.
Provide an example of a business firm as an open system.
(Points : 10)

Identify the major reasons why managing organizational behavior will be
challenging during changing times. (Points : 10)
Briefly discuss the issues
an organization would want to consider or understand if it were interested in a
business venture within China. (Points : 10)

Using the five personality
characteristics identified in Chapter 3 as important for understanding
organizational behavior, describe an individual who would most likely be a
strong performer. (Points : 10)
What elements need to be
present in order for one’s influence attempt to be successful? (Points : 10)

How can expectancy theory be
used to understand behavior and predict performance? (Points : 10)

Question 7 of 10Equity theory can be used to
explain consequences stemming from differences in pay. Assume many employees in
a department feel underpaid. What do you predict their behavior and performance
to be? (Points : 10)
What are the characteristics
of effective goals? (Points : 10)

Identify counterpart
organizational stress prevention methods to the individual stress prevention
methods of learned optimism, time management, leisure time activities, physical
exercise, relaxation training, diet, opening up, and professional help. (Points
: 10)

What are ways of preventing
and/or eliminating intergroup conflict within an organization? (Points : 10)

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