| June 14, 2016

Discussion 1

Does your company (or school) have a current disaster recovery plan? What are some of the activities involved in it? Do you feel confident that your company (or school) is prepared to survive a major disaster? Why or why not?

All citations must be in APA format (See link for APA examples:

Discussion 2

Select one of the topics covered in this module, research it on the internet (excluding Wikipedia, which is not considered a valid reference by any regional accrediting body), and write a report of at least two paragraphs on it to the class. Show your references for your classmates to use. You may not duplicate someone else’s topic so check before you research. Duplicate topics (determined by date/time posted) will be given a 0 grade. In addition, respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings.

All citations must be in APA format (See link for APA examples:

Discussion 3

Considering the technical skills required, do you think it is feasible to have a CSIRT response team consisting of employees with other job duties (i.e., not a full-time CSIRT job category)? Why or why not? What factors will influence this?

All citations must be in APA format.
Discussion 4

Discuss the ethics and legality of using hacker techniques to attempt to trace hackers.

All citations must be in APA format.
Discussion 5

What type of training is required to become a member of a CSIRT? How would you build a CSIRT? What are the components to building an effective team?

All citations must be in APA format.
Discussion 6

When law enforcement becomes involved, the need may arise to freeze systems as part of the evidence. There is also the likelihood that the incident will become known publicly. Do you think these issues play a significant part in the decision to involve law enforcement? Why or why not?

Can you name some situations in which you believe that large organizations have decided not to involve law enforcement?

All citations must be in APA format.
Discussion 7 You may have noticed the emphasis on preparedness in chapter 10. While society expects a business to be prepared for disasters and to recover using its own resources, we do not seem to expect individuals to be prepared to survive a disaster. Should we expect government at any level to be responsible for disaster recovery at either the personal or business level? Why or why not? What sacrifices would a business have to make if the disaster recovery process were turned over to a government agency? All citations must be in APA format.

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