Saint HRM498 module 6 discussion

| November 24, 2016

Discuss how employers might reduce costs in some of the major benefits areas in order to better finance their strategic organizational initiatives (in order for the organization to survive). What are some of the options available (in the health care area, in benefits for retirees, educational reimbursements, etc.)? You might look to see what some employers are doing in order to save money; or, read or talk with financial experts from organizations or other HR professionals.

Your initial response should not consist solely of opinion statements, but be supported by factual information. As references, you may use your textbook or other articles and resources. Remember to use APA format for in-text reference citations.

In your responses to classmates, you may discuss what you learned from their posts, what surprised you about their posts, and/or how their posts relate to things that you have read about or experienced in your own life.

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