saint HRA549 module 1 assignment 1

| August 31, 2017

Assignment 1

After reading Cascio & Aguinis’ article, read this interview of Craig Ramsey, former EVP of AMC Theatres, the second largest U.S. theater chain (and one of LCC’s direct competitors)! It contains valuable insight into trends and future directions for the movie theater/entertainment industry.

Read the article.

As the new Director of Talent Management, your first task is to write a brief email to the CEO of LCC detailing three specific plans to make strategic staffing decisions to address these industry trends. For example, it might be important to note trends towards a global audience and how your recruiting and hiring practices will support that based on changing demographics in the workforce.

Expect to take approximately 2-3 pages to explain your plans. Your work will be graded on content, clarity, creativity, correctness, and, above all, critical thinking

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