saint gba335 module 6 quiz 6 latest 2015

| June 9, 2016

In NLRB v. Jones & Laughlin Steel Corps, what action did the Board take after investigation of the above charges? Philosophically, why is the potential remedy of reinstatement of an employee critical? Why would a simple increase in civil damages for money for the employment not suffice?

Question 2. Question :

Does the NLRA compel agreements between employers and employees? Explain your answer. What may the NLRA require of the parties?

Question 3. Question :

In Catholic Bishops of Chicago, is religious training mandatory at all of the schools in question? Should that be the case in your view? Explain your answer.

Question 4. Question :

In the Textile Workers of America Supreme Court opinion, is it permissible for an employer to close a business in whole or in part for the sole purpose of defeating a validly elected union local?

Question 5. Question :

What is a “Runaway Shop” and what remedy, if any, is available where it exists?

Question 6. Question :

In Town and Country Electric, what factors did the Board rely on in making its decision?

Question 7. Question :

In Yeshiva University, state the issue before the Supreme Court. What was the Court’s decision on the issue in this case?

Question 8. Question :

In the Weingarten case, does the Court’s opinion give an unlimited right to an employee to have a union representative present when the employee is being questioned? Explain your answer.

Question 9. Question :

What is the Court’s primary reason for leaving unfair labor practice determinations to the NLRB rather than the courts?

Question 10. Question :

In IBM type cases, list some advantages and disadvantages to having a coworker present at an investigatory interview.

Question 11. Question :

In Transportation Management Corp, according to the General Counsel’s position, why was Mr. Santillo fired by his employer? Why was Mr. Santillo fired according to the company? Did the Supreme Court find that the Board was justified in concluding that Mr. Santillo would not have been discharged had the employer not considered his efforts to establish a union? Explain your answer.

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