saint gba335 module 5 quiz 5 latest 2015

| June 12, 2016

In Air Traffic Controllers, what effect does revocation of a union’s “exclusive recognition status” have on the viability of a union? Philosophically, what justifications may be made to treat a public union differently than a private union with regard to powers of revocation of a union?

Question 2. Question :

Did the FLRA abuse its discretion in the Air Traffic Controllers case? Explain your answer. How did the non-strike provisions become a requirement? Did the law impose it or had the employees chosen it? Explain your answer.

Question 3. Question :

In City of New York, what was defendant DeLury’s role in the dispute? Could DeLury‚Äôs role be characterized as legitimate civil disobedience? What action did the lower court take against the defendant and the union for violating the preliminary injunction?

Question 4. Question :

In Professor Taylor’s view, does condemnation of strikes by public employees effect a valid policy for a state government? Explain your answer.

Question 5. Question :

In County Sanitation, do strikes by public employees result in public employers making extraordinary concessions? Explain your answer. State the ruling of the County Sanitation case.

Question 6. Question :

In NASA, how did the Supreme Court rule in this case?

Question 7. Question :

In Chicago Teachers Union, what was the “free rider” problem the Union and Board of Education tried to resolve?

Question 8. Question :

How has the federal government provided for bargaining rights for federal employees?

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