saint gba335 module 4 quiz 4 latest 2015

| June 13, 2016

Question 1. Question :

What was the basic problem in Corning Glass? Who brought the two court actions against Corning Glass Works?

Question 2. Question :

In the Gunther case, what does the Bennett Amendment provide?

Question 3. Question :

In City of Jackson, did the Court’s decision make it easier for older workers to sue for age discrimination on the job? Explain your answer.

Question 4. Question :

In Zippitelli, what did the court state the requirements were for putting forth a prima facie case under the ADEA? From this case, what is a “pretext to mask a discriminatory motive?” Give an example.

Question 5. Question :

In Liggett, what options did the employer have at its disposal to improve the performance of the sales department other than the massive terminations of its older employees? Why did Gfeller and McMorrow favor younger employees over older employees?

Question 6. Question :

If a person wrongfully forced to take early retirement signs a release not to sue the company for violation of the ADEA, is that release a defense in a subsequent ADEA lawsuit? Explain your answer.

Question 7. Question :

In Oubre, how did the release violate the ADEA? Did the court find that the retention of the money given by the employer in compliance with the severance agreement served as ratification equivalent to a valid release of ADEA claims? Explain your answer.

Question 8. Question :

Does the employer have a right to a setoff against this employee for the money paid to her by the employer? Explain your answer.

Question 9. Question :

In reviewing a claim under the Equal Pay Act, do the courts require that the jobs in question be identical? Explain your answer.

Question 10. Question :

As a result of the passage of the Equal Pay Act of 1963 and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, have the overall earnings for women become roughly comparable to that of men? Explain your answer.

Question 11. Question :

Can an employer terminate older employees as a reduction in the employer’s workforce without violating the ADEA? Explain your answer.

Question 12. Question :

In Cook, are extremely overweight individuals protected under the Rehabilitation Act from discrimination based on their morbid obesity? Explain your answer.

Question 13. Question :

Can a person be considered as having a disability and thus be eligible for the protections of the Rehabilitation Act when that individual can rid herself of the “disability” by simply losing weight? Explain your answer.

Question 14. Question :

In Arline, why did the school board terminate Arline?

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