Russia – Firm entry and survival barriers’

| April 14, 2018

his assignment will due in 20 mins, only 300 -350 words. pls help me, its so easy just 20 mins , just correct my grammar and vocabulary mistake and use high level of grammar , if you finished in 30 mins, i will give your 10 dollar tipsAidis, R. and Adachi, Y., 2007. Russia: Firm entry and survival barriers. Economic Systems, 31(4), pp.391-411.In this article, ‘Russia: Firm entry and survival barriers’, Ruta and Yuko introduce business entry levels in Russia and analyze some kinds of obstacles for business entry and survival an international prospective. They highlight that sweeping regulatory changes, insufficient enforcement, regional differences, unequal competition and lack of rule of law are the main barriers of business development by showing results of international studies. They predict that in the future there will be a little improvement for demotic business environment until the rule of law is established.This article has a thorough analysis of the market in Russia and provides a lot of reliable data and studies to prove the argument. It not only gave me lots of valuable information and also is useful for my bachelor degree of commerce.Baum, C.L. and Chou, S.Y., 2011. The socio-economic causes of obesity (No. w17423). National Bureau of Economic Research.In this article, ‘the socio-economic causes of obesity’, the authors analyze the socio-economic factors of obesity and evaluate some policies that have been implemented to alleviate the problem of obesity. They illustrate lots of factors from socio and economic perspective such as employment, physical activity at work, food prices, the prevalence of restaurants, cigarette smoking, cigarette prices and taxes, food stamp receipt, and urbanization. Some examples of policies are clarified for the effectiveness. The authors predict that their analysis might be unlikely to estimate if these socio-economic factors are not accurately represented by their corresponding covariates.This article points out causes of obesity clearly and has a reasonable explanation about their evaluation of these policies. It is related for my major and I got a great deal of useful information.”Pricing Strategies”, 2005, Partner’s Report, vol. 05, no. 9, pp. 10.This paper aim to introduce the shared service of CPA firm and evaluate some viable strategies. The author illustrates the setting of price for the product of the CPA firm is tackled with three step process in the step one, the company calculate the average competitive price and the consumer perspective value price. For the step two, the company should advertise the unique and advanced function for production, in the step three, the company attractive the consumer to realize the production reduce the supply price to reduce the risk of doing business This article is a introduction to CPA as an example of pricing strategies design. It shows how to make price in the online market, however, this article not comprehensive.

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