Robin Hood Argumentative Essay

| February 6, 2016

Robin Hood Argumentative Essay
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Basically take the old Robin Hood Synthesis essay and add 2 pages to it and make an argument out of it. In other words, put your own opinion into the essay. I am paying for 3 pages but you get the extra page to re-edit the style of essay.

It cannot be the same word-for-word with an additional 2 pages. It needs to be restructured so that it present the sources as done in the first essay and then with your opinion thrown into it.

3 more additional sources need to be added and properly cited within the essay.
Your job in this essay is to enter the conversation that you have explored so far surrounding your choice of film or adaptation source, offering your own opinion in relation to other opinions you have encountered in your research. Keep in mind that a good argumentative thesis will consider both sides of the argument, and then use the rhetorical writing skills that we’ve studied to establish a clear, logical entrance into the conversation.
The thesis needs to be also restructured where an arguement is in place. The “historical context” or the history of robin hood may be removed or trimmed down.

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