Rights of the child

| February 12, 2016

Rights of the child

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Part B: Write a short reflective essay examining practice in relation to the UNCRC (1,200 – 1,400) (30%)

This part of the assessment requires you to think more deeply about children’s right to play.

What is the “right to play”? Why is it an important right to protect and enact in early childhood education and care? Draw on your readings to reflect upon the practices and / or policies of your early childhood service in relation to the right to play. In your discussion, give examples of how you think children’s right to play is respected in your service and ways that you think this could be improved. Explain why you think these are good or poor examples. Please refer to the Right to Play booklet; ACECQA’s Guide to the Quality Standards and the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), and any other material as appropriate, to guide your thinking.

In your essay you must:
•Define the right to play
•Explain why the right to play is important.
•Look for examples of practices/ policies in your setting where you can see these rights enacted or where you think practices could be improved. Make sure you consider these examples in the light of identified readings.
•Discuss these examples in your essay. In your discussion explain why you think these are examples of good or poor practice.
•Make sure your essay starts with an introduction and ends with a conclusion.
•When you have all the parts of your essay in place, go back over the essay to see if it flows as a whole. Include interlinking sentences or make adjustments to your paragraphs to ensure the discussion flows logically from beginning to end.

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