Revised-Cost Behavior Patterns and Concepts 2

| September 29, 2018

Deliverable Length: 2-3 pages (Please include introduction, body, conclusion and reference page).Using the library and other course resources, find a manufacturing company’s annual report.Calculate the following ratios for the company that you select:Return on assetsReturn on equityGross profit marginDebt to equity ratioDebt ratioCurrent ratioQuick ratioInventory turnoverTotal asset turnoverPrice earnings ratioUsing the calculated ratios, analyze the financial performance of the firm. You will do this by looking at the ratios and comparing them to ratios from previous periods and in some cases, against their competitors. Keep in mind that you are trying to determine how the firm is performing under each of the listed ratios. In a memo to the chief executive officer (CEO), include the following:Explain the ratios that you calculated.Address other methods of analyzing financial statements aside from ratio analysis.Explain your analysis of the firm, and make recommendations for improvement.This assignment was somewhat completed by one of your experts. What is missing from this assignment is the introduction of the company. I am hoping that this assignment can be completed in as stated within the directions since I have been provided with an extension on the original due date.

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