resource management

| June 5, 2016

pages of summary of the whole article (gnarl summary) I want4-5 pages of analyzing this article and clarify the contribution that article achieve to the knowledge (finding).

Article snipped

The past ten to 15 years in the human resource management (HRM) literature

has seen a great emphasis being placed on a “strategic” approach to the

development and implementation of HRM policies and practices (Collins, 1988;

Dyer and Holder, 1988; Legge, 1995; Miles and Snow, 1984; Storey, 1995; Wright

and McMahan, 1992). Although the details vary, the basic prescription for a

strategic approach to HRM tends to parallel the process shown in Figure 1. Both

the external and the internal environment are considered in light of the

organization’s mission and purpose (which may in turn be influenced by

corporate headquarters where the organization is a part of some larger entity).

As a result of this analysis, organizational strategies and objectives are

determined. HRM strategy should represent an integral part of achieving this

broader organizational strategy, with strategy in the various sub-fields or areas

of HRM supporting the overall HRM strategy. Thus, rather than HRM policies

and practices representing direct reactions to the various external and internal

forces, these forces are considered in light of organizational strategy and

objectives and then, if appropriate, changes are made to the overall HRM

strategy which may affect various HRM policies and practices.

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