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| February 25, 2017

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Research your favorite brand with respect to its effectiveness in new product marketing. Use the most current Interbrand rating of brands as a reference (see Figure 1-5 of your course textbook).
1. Describe the target market that your brand is hoping to reach. What is the positioning strategy of this particular brand? 2. Examine the brand’s overall effectiveness in reaching its target market with both new products and existing products. 3. Identify the challenges and opportunities associated with this brand. 4. Recommend strategies that this particular brand should take in the next 10 years in order to maintain and/or increase their effectiveness.
Your APA-formatted response should be a minimum of two double-spaced pages (not including the title and references pages). You are required to use you course textbook, the Interbrand website, and at minimum one other credible reference. All sources used must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations.


If you see the attached file, you can see that I choose H&M, and their sportswear as their new products.

Please develop from there.


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– You must use correct APA formatting when writing your paper. All references used, including the textbook, must be cited.

– Please read careful all the requirement before starting to do the paper.


The world is changing everyday with new companies, new brands and new products. For any brand, to be able to maintain and compete, having new products and making good new product marketing is one of the most important thing to do.

Here I would like to talk about one of my favourite brand:Hennes & Mauritz, the world famous Swedish brand.

Started the first store in Sweden in 1947, now in 2015, H&M has totally 3700 stores in 61 countries and 132.000 employed, considered as the second biggest fashion retailer in the world. H&M is a very popular multinational retail-clothing company and especially among young people and children.

In january 9, 2014, H&M launched a new fashion line: Sportswear.

As we know, the booming global sportswear market is growing up every year (more than 7% in 2014) and it is worth as much as$220 billion. H&M has a big hope that if they get success in this wonderful market, they can slowly move away from the budget fashion area and can get a success as Zara.

H&M does not use the same technology as other big brands as Nike Inc, Adidas AG… but they have a very good advantage in price. For most young people, especially female, with the limited budget, the most important is the fashionable.

For those more fashion – oriented sports brands as Puma andLululemon Athletica Inc, the new product line of H&M can be a dangerous competitor.

For a brand who has good combination between fashion and function, as Adidas – the provider of full Olympics kit for most German and British Olympians, H&M new product line can be a real competitor. H&M has done some tests by few pop-up shops in 2012 (London Olympics) and as a partner with Tomas Berdych (a Czech tennis player) in 2013.

In Jan 2014, the new range of H&M which included yoga, tennis, athletics, also the sportswear for outdoor and running has been tested by Swedish Olympic athletes. They tested those products for the fit and function, included also the breathable sports bras and quick-drying tops.

H&M made also a collection specially for the Swedish team to wear in Sochi (opening and closing ceremonies), together with a training and leisure wardrobe, skating, curling and mogul skiing. In 2016, H&M will dress athletes at the Summer Olympics.

But regarding the quality, there is still a question. That is why the Swedes will not use only H&M for all sports, since they cannot really compete with those firms who are specialist in skiwear. Many people still choose to pay more for a better quality and a top global sport brand, especially in some special kinds of sport which need high quality. Unlike the normal clothes, sportswear normally does not change much every year, therefore, we never know if the sportswear of H&M will be accepted in long run, or only a short period.

Many customers choose H&M based on the price, and their stores are always full of customers even at the time which is hard for other stores. In my opinion, the sportswears of H&M will be able to find their own market, but more on retail customers, not for those kinds of specific events.

But it is not at all a bad idea, H&M has so many private customers and surely a part of those existing customers will support their new product lines. It is difficult for H&M to compete with those top global brands, but it is not difficult for them to encourage their own customers to buy a new product.

For a long run, let say the next ten years, the strategies for H&M will be:

Try to be even cheaper than they are at this moment

Make some luxury fashion lines

Developing the in-store experiences to expand and creat a new life-style concept.

Open ‘’one size fit all’’ stores.

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