| December 6, 2015



Using the ARC Transfer Center and the internet as your resources, provide a summary of three (3) four-year institutions you have chosen to research.

If you have already applied, please include the campus(es) you applied to or considered applying.

It is recommended that you check to see if the institution is regionally accredited. California and West Coast institutions are accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).
1 .Berkley will answer with al the questions separately and then do Sacramento State and then do Fresno university and each college needs to be answered individual so he can see it clear so for example Berkeley need to be answered with everything below then Sacramento state needs to be answered with everything below then Fresno needs to be answered with everything below separately so he can see it clear in in common sense terms and also I page summary and so it should be a summary of three schools and clear common sense terms and each school answered separate

1. Describe the following:
• Approximate student enrollment (the number of students in attendance)
• Type of setting (urban, rural, suburban)
• Enrollment (number of undergraduates, ethnic diversity)
• Why you chose the campus

2. Admissions Requirements – Identify the following:
• Minimum requirements for admission as a transfer student (minimum units and GPA)
• Your choice of major or field of study. Is your major impacted/competitive at this campus? Is there a different GPA requirement for the major?
• If you are undecided on a major, list up to three majors that you may consider choosing. Some campuses do not require transfer students to declare a major. Does your campus allow this?
• A list of required courses that can be completed at ARC for your major. Use for course articulation

3. Support Services and Programs – Identify what type of support services programs you would probably use and why. Provide a brief description (which includes the location on campus and phone number). Campuses have different types of programs and services; therefore it is important to know what is housed at your campus of choice. Support services and program may include the following:
• Learning Resource Center or Tutoring Center
• Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)
• Re-Entry student Program
• Advising/counseling services
• Career Center or Career Services
• Financial Aid Office
• Service Learning/Co-operative Education Programs
• MESA Engineering Program or MEP (if majoring in the sciences)
• Undergraduate Research
• Summer Research Programs
• Study Abroad Programs

4. Housing – Identify the types of available housing options for transfer students (on-campus apartments/dormitories, family student housing, private apartments off-campus, houses/rooms for rent). Include the cost per month living on- and off-campus. For off-campus housing costs, you may need to search websites of local newspapers.

5. Student Centers – Identify the following types of student centers that are at campus. Indicate whether you would check these out or not if you attended the campus.
• Cultural student centers
• Student Union
• Other centers that of your interest

6. Student Activities – Identify the following types of clubs or organizations that are at the campus. Indicate whether you would check these out or not if you attended the campus.
• Clubs and organizations based on major, community service, culture, politics, community

Here is the site to go on to answer the questions and please follow the directions above and also choose Sacramento state and Berkley and Fresno

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