Research Paper -Specific Management / Labor Relations

| August 31, 2017

Research Paper
Students are required to prepare a written review based on a specific Management /
Labor Relations topic. I recognize that your text contains subject matter that assists in
satisfying this requirement; however, I am expecting elaboration on the topic
chosen from not only a personal view but also from additional sources. These sources
include but are not limited to Internet sites, magazine articles, book reviews, etc.
Personal examples and application of the topic to your current or future career focus are
expected. In order to minimize and / or eliminate duplication of topics, instructor
approval of the selected topic is required prior to submission. Credit will not be
given if instructor approval is not obtained prior to submission.A 10% reduction
in the earned grade will be made if instructor approval is not obtained prior to
submission. You will be able to earn up to 100 points for this research paper and will
be graded based on the following rubric.
VALUE: Overview of the topic 10 POINTS Management / union application of
subject matter. Are there external
factors that influence the topic? How
are Management / Unions impacted
by the topic? Are there short-term
effects on Management or the
Union? What impact does the
subject matter have on Labor
Relations? What recommendations
would you make to Management or
the Union based on your research.
You are free to elaborate on the
subject matter as needed to support
your comments. 30 POINTS Personal comments / reaction to
topic. Why did you select this topic.
What did you learn from your
research of this topic, etc. 25 POINTS Proper APA application 10 POINTS Display of examples (2 minimum) 15 POINTS Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling 5 POINTS Conclusion 5 POINTS TOTAL POSSIBLE POINTS: 100 POINTS Prepare a written review based on a Management / Labor Relations topic. The topic chosen must relate
to management / labor relations content. Your topic must be approved by the instructor prior to your
submission. Topics will be allowed on a first-come, first-serve basis; therefore I suggest you submit your
topic selection to me as soon as possible. Your paper should be:
7 to 10 page report Double spaced with 12 point font size

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