Research paper: Southwest Airlines – Organizational Development

| January 31, 2017

Your final research paper will be based on a topic of your choice from week 1.

To be successful, a minimum of ten (10) pages of substantive content for your final paper must be submitted in APA format. Minimum of 8 sources.

TurnitIn Information: Your paper will automatically be submitted to TurnitIn when you submit your paper through the “Assignment” section of the classroom. As a guide, the similarity score is the percentage of an assessment which directly quotes other sources, and should be no more than 10%. Please note that this refers only to direct quotes within the body of the text and does not include the reference list or cover sheet. Anything more than 10% will be subject to evaluation and loss of points if plagiarism is detected.

*Please provide turnitin report*

*APA Format*

*On time Delivery*

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