| March 14, 2016


The research paper and presentation project is worth 300 points or 50% of your final grade, so plan accordingly. It is not an overly difficult exercise; what I am looking for is a critical reading, a meticulous synopsis, and a professional, clear and logical presentation before the class. It is also another opportunity to practice your presentation skills. Attending the presentations and learning about recent scholarly work in cultural geography and presentations skills from other students is also important.

Each student will select a recent journal article (defined as those published within the past 5 years) on a topic of interest to her or himself in cultural geography. A good place to start is to go over to the library and look through some recent journals like:

Annals of the Association of American Geographers,

Professional Geographer,

Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers,


Geografiska Annaler B.

Journal of Cultural Geography

If, after searching, you still have no luck come see me for guidance.

There are three components to the project, each worth an equal amount or 100 points each. First, is the in-class presentation, second is the written critique, and third is attendance.

First, is your presentation before the class. The presentations will be made on November 8th through December 6th. I shall create a schedule for the presentations. Each student will have 15 minutes to present and couple of minutes to respond to any questions. The presentation should be professional. The presentation should not be simply a reading of the paper. I suggest you make overheads and/or handouts to facilitate communicating to the class what your article is about. A PowerPoint presentation is certainly a worthwhile idea, however I would caution you in making sure you not “throw” too much onto the slides and not be able to present your understanding and critique of the paper.

Second, is the written critique of the journal article. The written critique must be no shorter than 5 typed double-spaced pages. Any references you make to other works will not be included in the 5-page minimum The paper must have perfect spelling, be grammatically sound, and be logical and clear. Perfect spelling is defined as zero spelling mistakes; I or anyone in the working world has very little tolerance for poor spelling! It must include at least the following:

Introduction – what the paper set out to accomplish.

Summary – a meticulous outline of the paper.

Discussion – critically comment on the author(s) methodology and findings.

Conclusion – given your understanding of cultural geography, what does this paper add to the body of geographical knowledge?

This critique is due on December 6th in class. No exceptions, late projects will not be graded. The paper will be returned graded at the Final Exam on December 13th.

Third, is attending the presentations. Again, attending the presentations offers an opportunity to learn about recent research in cultural geography and presentations skills from other students. We shall have 8 class periods dedicated to these presentations. Each period I shall pass around an attendance sheet. If you attend all the periods you will receive all 100 points, each class period missed would equal a loss of 12.5 points from the total of 100 for this third part of the project.

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