Research for Social Enterprises

| February 1, 2016

Topic: Research for Social Enterprises

Order Description
For the following companies which are viewed as
– good (Ikotoilets, Tshiba, Sanergy, The Khan Academy, Nutriset, Vision Springs)
– please in 1-3 sentence write how they are in each of the next situation and after in 1/2/3 sentence give an example (1 motivation for social impact,2 local partnership and empowerment of the community,3 innovation, 4how they measure and evaluate themselves,5 how sustainable they are sustainability, 6whether it is replicable and scalable, 7whether it is transparent, 8. Business model – has the appropriate business model been chosen for the company
– please don’t write any extra info start the paper with the first company and then 1 -2 -3 – 4 etc answer for all of them then do the same for the rest
– then please do the same for these 2 companies which are viewed as bad ( Toms, and Oprahs school in Africa)
– please in the end then say which is the best company out of the 6 and for what reasons it is better then the rest
– then please say which is worse out of the two business and why

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