Research Essay (Internal and External Students)

| June 11, 2016

Research Essay (Internal and External Students)

Research the topic of Information Security Management from quality sources and write a research essay consisting of between 4000-5000 words on the topic ofThe Need for Information Security Managementfor Small to Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs).

Your essay should generally explore each of the topics listed below and describe and discuss issues relating to the introduction and implementation of information security regimes in small to medium enterprises (SMEs) against implementation in much larger organisations.

Topics that must be included:

•Justifying the need for sound information security management in


•Incident response management and disaster recovery

•Mobile device security management

•Linking business objectives with security

•Biometric security devices and their use

•Ethical issues in information security management

•Security training and education

•Defending against Internet-based attacks

•Industrial espionage and business intelligence gathering

•Governance issues in information security management

•Personnel issues in Information security

•Physical security issues in Information security

•Cyber forensic incident response

You must produce a research essay based on the work of credible and relevant authors (not your gut-feeling about information security management) and must be fully referenced. The word suggestion is not a hard limit and should be used just as a guide. Please format your document in font size 12, single line spacing and single column. You

must submit the essay in Word or PDF (preferred) format to the unit coordinator through the LMS assignment submission. So your work doesn’t get mixed up with others’, use a filename that follows the convention: Unit Code, semester, year, assignment name and your last name e.g. ICT357_S2_2014_Research_Essay_Lee.pdf.

Marking Guide

The marks are generally allocated as follows, with a total of 30 Marks being available.

6 marks – Introduction and Overview

14 marks – Coverage of the topic

4 marks – Conclusions and discussion

4 marks – Research

2 marks – Grammar and Spelling

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