RES351 Paper

| May 8, 2018

Purpose of AssignmentThe importance of peer-reviewed studies is vital in business research.  Students will have the opportunity to use peer-reviewed sources to both apply to their research in this course, but also to help understand the importance of using scholarly sources in general.  Students will also use this assignment to dig into the various stages of research including purpose, the research hypothesis, variables, and design methods.Assignment StepsUsing the attached readings: Modeling and Predicting Mental Workload in En Route Air Traffic Control: Critical Review and Broader Implications AND Fatigue in Operational Settings: Examples from the Aviation EnvironmentDevelop a 900-word evaluation of the critical first stage of the research studies:State the purpose of the business research for each study.Determine the research questions and hypotheses being researched in each study.Identify the dependent and independent variables being manipulated or measured in each study.Determine if the variables are measured qualitatively or quantitatively.Discuss the ways in which you might apply research to your current work or desired career.Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

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