| September 8, 2019
  • REQUIRED DISCUSSION POSTSThere are six required discussion posts. The first must be completed before the second week of class to demonstrate participation. The other assignments may be completed any time prior to 8:00 AM Central on Monday, August 6.The recommended completion dates are one per week.NOTE: If you have not read the plagiarism statement on the left hand menu, stop and do so. When you submit your second discussion assignment you are also acknowledging having read the statement and are responsible for understanding its contents.Instructions: Follow the “Discussions” link on the menu, open and read the appropriate assignment, and post your response by adding a thread.
    Grading: The first discussion is required to show participation during the first week. Each other discussion is worth two points for a total of ten points toward your course grade Full credit will be given to those that are at least 50 words in length, are written with minimal distractions regarding style and grammar, stay on topic, and successfully address the chosen prompt. Keep in mind that these are not intended to be research assignments beyond basic information provided by the textbook. Instead they are exercises in personal reactions to subject matter.
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