reinforced concrete

| December 28, 2015

reinforced concrete

Long-term flexural performance of RC bridge beam strengthened with externally bonded CFRP

Note; the project will mainly depend on modeling and simulating and it could be including few experimental investigation

Your research proposal should be typed in double-spacing and should cover at least three sides of A4 paper. You should bear in mind the following priorities/headings when writing the proposal:
Introduction & provision of ‘working title’
Justification of choice of area/topic and provision of research question/hypothesis
Literature review / originality or contribution of your research proposal to the field (position your proposed research within existing literature in the field)
Your methodology/academic approach/theoretical perspective
Timeline: make it clear how you can complete the work you have set yourself within three years full time for PhD candidates (100,000 words maximum)
References (to works quoted in your proposal and to others which indicate your knowledge of the field)

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