Reflection Paper

| February 5, 2016

Reflection Paper
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I need to write a reflection on what i learned in this course.
its a creative writing class.
What i learned is:
– I was very shy to read what i have written infant of my classmates because english is not my first language. i felt everyone was better than i was.
– Point of view and description classes made me see writing in a different way. I use to always write in past tense by default. After taking this class i realized that i enjoyed writing in present tense so much more.
– With descriptive stories and stories from experience, to express myself more in a more understandable way. When i wrote details and tried to describe each detail in my stories it made me think and see things differently. More in depth.
– With script writing, i enjoyed it because it made me realize how movies were made. I started noticing how the cameras were placed in movies or short films, and how everything was actually planned.
– Script writing made me more descriptive also when i came to write my own script because i had to challenge my self with more visuals in my pieces and i enjoyed that because i am a graphic designer my work is all about visuals, the challenge was showing this with words instead of illustrations and images.
– As a course it was very fun in the end because i enjoyed writing and challenging myself, i felt my confidence level was higher and i felt i challenged all my weakness in writing and on a personal level.
-it was also very nice because we got to know each other as classmates but in another level. We knew things about each other and we knew each others personalities.
– This course kind of broke the ice between a lot of us and now i can say that i can write stories and scripts much easier than i use to. I have much more confidence and i actually enjoy it.

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