Reflection #2 – final reflection

| September 12, 2019

Reflection #2 – final reflection

Disaster Behavioral Health in context & Personal Development

  1. Think about the application of disaster mental health in the field. How is this skillset and application helpful? For example, how does it tie into Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and how is that helpful in a post-disaster context?
  2. How would this skillset and knowledge help you in the work you do in emergency management? How can you apply these skills or where would they come in useful?
  3. Drawing on your Reading Resources for Wk 12, what is one element of Self-Care that you find helpful and that you do or would use to keep your stress levels under control during a response (whether as a responder or emergency manager)?
  4. Finally, please indicate what you found the most beneficial aspects of THIS COURSE – Please name any strengths or areas or improvement and feel free to add recommendations for future years J

Note: Please use your Halpern & Tramontintextbook and your Self-Care reading resources as references to give context to your Post.

– APA Style.

– Kindly, answer each question clearly and completely.

WK 12 Reading:

Attached Files:

Self Care Reading:

  • Halpern & Tramontin: Chapters 4 & 7 (Reactions and Risk Factors, Counseling in Chaos)
  • Resource: Special Resources for Disaster Responders (review all tip sheets)
  • Resource: Stress Management Manual
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