Reflecting on Literacy Analysis

| March 14, 2016

Reflecting on Literary Analysis During week-4 you had the opportunity to discover literature. Review chapter 16 and reflect on your own processes for analyzing literature. Below are six questions. Respond to each question within one post. For example, identify the question with a Q and your answer with an A. Instructions Most of the time DQs responses are informal, replies to this DQ will need to be formal. To ensure there is some formality, omit conjunctions as lead-words and fragment clauses. Also, do not use contractions, the semi colon or colon. Remember, the response should be formal in layout and content. Be sure to respond to each question. Remember only one post is needed and that one post should contain the questions and responses. See the example below. Layout Q. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. A. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Q. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. A. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Questions What elements of a literary work tend to most interest you? Consider something you read recently. Which details of the work resonated with you? Why? How do you know when literature means something to you? Do you think about what you have read after you have stepped away from it? Do you talk about literary works with others? How do you decide what to write about when analyzing the work (literature)? *~**~* Post your initial response no later than Thursday, 11:55p. Respond to one classmate no later than Friday, 11:55p.

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