reduce health disparities among populations

| February 14, 2018

Health Disparities Research PaperOne of the goals of Healthy People 2020 is to reduce health disparities among populations.Select one of the leading health indicators as identified by Healthy People 2020 and write aresearch paper of 750-1,000 words on the health disparities related to that condition. For thehealth indicator selected, the paper should include a discussion on the following:Health Problem1. Definition of the problem2. Descriptive epidemiology (person, place, time)3. Etiology (causes, risk factors)Health Disparities1. What disparities do we know exist for this disease?2. Why do these disparities exist?3. What explanations have been offered or supported?4. What research questions have not been studied that may provide new, insightfulinformation regarding this health problem?Public Policy1. Why is it an important public health problem?2. What are some social, political, or economic barriers in our current health care systemthat impede disease prevention and health promotion for this health problem?3. How would you educate/disseminate information about this health problem to the public?(target group, financial constraints)4. How could one of a health administrator/manager’s general policies or policies specific tothis health condition impact the health status of the target population?You are required to use a minimum of three scholarly resources.Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, locatedin the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.This assignment uses a grading rubric. Instructors will be using the rubric to grade theassignment; therefore, students should review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment tobecome familiar with the assignment criteria and expectations for successful completion of theassignment.You are required to submit this assignment to Turnitin. Only Word documents can be submittedto Turnitin.Apply RubricsHealth Disparities Research Paper70.0 %Content15.0 % HealthProblem1Unsatisfactory0.00%2Less ThanSatisfactory74.00%3Satisfactory79.00%4Good87.00%5Excellent100.00%The information The informationThe informationThe informationThe informationhas minimallyprovided is mostly provided isprovided isprovided isbeen addressed. complete but lacks appropriate andcomplete and clear comprehensive andspecific information provides specific and providesprovides specificnecessary to assist informationspecific information informationthe audience innecessary to assist necessary to assist necessary to assistunderstanding the the audience inthe audience inthe audience inimportance of the understanding the understanding the understanding thehealth topic.importance of the importance of the importance of theProvides two of the health topic.following threeIncludes definition Includes definition Includes definition,items: definition of as well as a brief of the problems as description ofproblem,outline ofwell as a detailed epidemiologyepidemiology,epidemiology and outline of(person, place,and/or etiology.etiology.epidemiology and time), and etiologyetiology.(causes, riskfactors).Surface levelAnalyzes healthThoughtfully20.0 % Health Health disparities Superficiallyare minimallyevaluates health evaluation of health disparities. Analysis analyzes andDisparitiesaddressed.disparities indisparities isis direct,evaluates possibleAnalysis of the relation to thepresent. Somecompetent, andhealth disparities.criteria is poorly assignment criteria. supportive details appropriate. Claims Demonstrating apresented.Addresses part of are used.and ideas of the deep understandingAddresses part of the assignmentAddresses all of the criteria areof by supportingthe assignment criteria.assignment criteria. supported.ideas with detailscriteria.Addresses all of the and examples.assignment criteria. Addresses all of theassignment criteria.Most of the required All of the required All of the required25.0 % Public Content includes Assignmentfew or none of the content omits some assignment content assignment content assignment contentPolicyassignmentrequired criteria. is present. Major is present. Major is present. Majorcriteria. MajorMajor points lack points arepoints are clear and points arepoints areclarity. Little or no adequately clear effectivelyexceptionally clearunclear. Noeffective support is and addressed.addressed. Support and thoroughlysupport isevident.Some support isis comprehensive addressed.evident.evident andand relevant.Significant and bestrelevant.possible support isevident, relevantand convincing.Few relevantSources wereSources areSources are10.0 % Sources No outsideacademic sources sources beyond adequate, relevant academic, current, academic,were used toassigned readings and extendedand/or relevant to comprehensive,support majorwere used tobeyond assigned support majorcurrent, and/ majorreadings. Quoted points. Quotedrelevant. Quotedpoints. Importantrelevant sourceswere neglected.Quoted materialand paraphrasingwere overused.material andparaphrasing areincluded to supportmajor points andwriter’s ideadevelopment.material andmaterial andparaphrasing isparaphrasingused effectively andexpertly support,consistently toextend, and informsupport the major ideas but do notpoints and writer’s substitute for theidea development. writer’s own ideadevelopment.Sources are wellsynthesized tosupport majorpoints.20.0%OrganizationandEffectivenessPaper lacks any Thesis and/or main Thesis and/or main Thesis and/or main Thesis and/or main7.0 % Thesisclaim are apparent claim are clear and claim areDevelopment discernible overall claim arepurpose orinsufficientlyand appropriate to forecast thecomprehensive. Theand Purposeorganizing claim. developed and/or purpose.development of the essence of thevague; purpose ispaper. It ispaper is containednot clear.descriptive andwithin the thesis.reflective of theThesis statementarguments andmakes the purposeappropriate to the of the paper clear.purpose.SufficientArgument is orderly, Argument shows Clear and8.0 % Argument Statement ofpurpose is notjustification ofbut may have a few logical progression. convincingLogic andjustified by the claims is lacking. inconsistencies.Techniques ofargument presents aConstructionconclusion. The Argument lacksThe argumentargumentation are persuasive claim inconclusion does consistent unity. presents minimal evident. There is a a distinctive andnot support the There are obvious justification ofsmooth progression compelling manner.claim made.flaws in the logic. claims. Argument of claims fromAll sources areArgument isSome sourceslogically, but notintroduction toauthoritative.incoherent and have questionable thoroughly,conclusion. Mostuses noncredible credibility.supports thesources aresources.purpose. Sources authoritative.used are credible.Introduction andconclusion bracketthe thesis.Some mechanical Prose is largely free Writer is clearly in5.0 % MechanicsSurface errors are Frequent andpervasive enough repetitiveerrors or typos are of mechanicalcommand ofof Writingthat they impede mechanical errors present, but are not errors, although a standard, written,(includescommunication of distract the reader. overly distracting to few may beacademic English.spelling,meaning.Inconsistencies in the reader. Correct present. A varietypunctuation,Inappropriatelanguage choice sentence structure of sentencegrammar,word choice(register), sentence and audience­structures andlanguage use)and/or sentence structure, and/or appropriateeffective figures ofconstruction are word choice are language are used. speech are used.used.present.10.0 %FormatTemplate is not AppropriateAppropriateAppropriateAll format elements5.0 % Papertemplate is used, template is used. template is fullyare correct.Format (Use of usedappropriately, or but some elements Formatting isused. There areappropriatedocumentation are missing orcorrect, although virtually no errors instyle for theformat is rarely mistaken. A lack of some minor errors formatting style.major andassignment)followed correctly.control withformatting isapparent.Reference page is5.0 % Research No referenceCitations (In­text page is included. present. CitationsNo citations are are inconsistentlycitations forused.paraphrasing used.and directquotes, andreference pagelisting andformatting, asappropriate toassignment andstyle)100 % TotalWeightagemay be present.Reference page is Reference page is In­text citations andincluded and lists present and fully a reference pagesources used in the inclusive of all cited are complete andpaper. Sources are sources.correct. TheappropriatelyDocumentation is documentation ofdocumented,appropriate andcited sources is freealthough somecitation style isof error.errors may beusually correct.present

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