Read the case study below

| March 17, 2019

Read  the  case  study  below  and  the  4  questions  to  help  you  to  write  a report analysing the management structure and organisation at Syngenta: Syngenta
Syngenta is a world-leading plant science business. Syngenta is committed to empowering its staff. Like many large businesses working in both national and international markets. Syngenta seeks to open up the lines of communication and collaboration. It supervises employees less while promoting their increased involvement in the decision-making process.

Syngenta has a culture of empowering its workers. This enables them to be in control of their work. Everyone is encouraged to speak up with new ideas. This open approach not only helps the business to generate new opportunities but also gets everyone’s thoughts on what the best ideas are. This makes Syngenta a fun and rewarding place to work both for developing new breakthroughs and having your work recognised.

Syngenta’s HR team provides training and development opportunities for all staff.  For  example,  it  allows  employees  to  have  CIM  Diploma  in  marketing.  It supports employees’ personal development.

Balancing risk and reward is an important aspect of Syngenta’s management approach. It is committed to research and development to keep ahead of the competition. It is not afraid of mistakes but expects employees and managers to learn from them and use them to motivate people.  The  company  presents annual  awards  to  employees  whose  achievements  have  helped  drive  the business   forwards.   These   awards   are   publicised   through   the   company’s magazines   and   intranet,   so   everyone   inside   the   company can   see   how achievement is rewarded. These awards have inspired further innovations and helped employees focus on generating new ideas to help the company perform even better.

1.   What is likely to be the organisational structure of Syngenta (e.g. flat or tall) and how does this structure influence staff motivation? (200 words)

2.   Using the Charles Handy model, explain the corporate culture at Syngenta. How could this influence the type of people recruited to the organisation? (200 words) 

3.   Which ONE of the three management styles is Syngenta likely to have and how does it influence its management activities? (200 words)
• Autocratic
• Laissez Faire
• Democratic

4.   Briefly explain these two HRM functions and discuss how they could be used in Syngenta (200 words):

* Reward Management

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