Read the 3 Case Studies below and select ONE as the basis of your analysis and discussion.

| March 17, 2019

Read the 3 Case Studies below and select ONE as the basis of your analysis and discussion. Please indicate clearly which Case Study you have chosen  
Case Study 3 – Copyright and Intellectual Property Considerations 
Courtney is a young ambitious programmer working for a small company developing software for web-based services in the health area, with a focus on supporting remote aboriginal communities. To further her career Courtney undertakes additional tertiary study, with support from her manager Michael. 
This study includes topics covering computer ethics, and issues related to the impact of ICT on different communities.  On her current project, Courtney develops a new user interface, which has a strong focus on accessibility for remote communities, especially considering the type of technology likely to be used.  She also pays special attention to the use of cultural images in the interface to avoid those which may be distressing or offensive to aboriginal users. 
The new system is a great success and Courney’s contribution is recognised by her company, through an Employee of the Month Award.  The company also receives a national business award for its contribution to the positive use of ICT in aboriginal communities. 
Michael takes all of the credit for this, and Courtney receives no acknowledgement for her efforts. 
Discuss briefly the ethical issues related to this case.  As a result of your discussion, you should be able to make some recommendations as to how this ethical problem may be resolved.  Be sure to support any recommendations with reasons, informed by your research and thinking on the ethical issues identified in your discussion

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