'Race to the bottom' is real. Respond with reference to environmental standards.

| January 2, 2016

‘Race to the bottom’ is real. Respond with reference to environmental standards.
Subject area: International political economy
Academic level: master’s
3500-4000 words essay+ bibliography
Number of sources/references: more than approximately 25
Referencing styles:Harvard system
Please use International Relations theory (neoliberalism or other theory?)
·definition: what is the race to the bottom, neoliberalism(where does it come from, why is it related to race to the bottom, etc…), globalization?(not sure)
·Assess: Does ‘race to the bottom’ actually happen in the environment?(if so how does it happen, why is it happened, what is the factors, and the evidence…etc)

-Please use only academic sources (books and articles) and proper website such as organization or government.
-Analysis is more important than other parts.

If my brief outline doesn’t make sense, feel free to change the contents, but please use the theory, clear definition and analysis.

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