Questions:1. Was the project scope defined

| May 16, 2019

1.    Was the project scope defined clearly at early stage of the project? Identify one major scope creep and discuss the impacts of scope change on project performance/stakeholders. 
2.    Discuss the communication issues with the major stakeholders (French and English side). What planning actions (in development stage) could the project manager have taken to avoid the situation? 
3.    Describe the roles and performance of the Chunnel project management office (PMO) as used by the Chunnel project. 
4.    Rationalise the choice of fixed-price contract in some part of the Chunnel project. Describe risk issues of selecting the fixed-price contracts. 
5.    Why is early involvement of stakeholders so critical in a project? Who are the key stakeholders in the project and briefly identify two major stakeholder’s power and interests in the project? 
6.    Evaluate project performance (cost performance index-CPI, schedule performance index-SPI) in terms of cost and schedule. Identify the two major causes of cost and schedule variations in the Chunnel project.
7.    Critically reflect on teamwork (of project management team) in your group project (in assignment 2) and compare it with the teamwork (of project management team) in the Chunnel project. 
8.    Briefly discuss the lessons learned from the Chunnel project and your group project. (Answer to this question can be considered as conclusion of your report) 

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