| August 14, 2017

31. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act has had all of the following effects on HR EXCEPTa. companies have to establish ethics codes.b. HR has had to carry out compliance verification effort involved with the act.c. HR has to develop anti-retaliation policies for employee whistle-blowers.d. HR exempt-level professionals must have professional certification.32. The U.S. economy can be characterized as a/an ____ economy.a. serviceb. manufacturingc. industriald. knowledge-based33. Other than information technology occupations, between now and 2016 the highest percentage jobgrowth will be ina. manufacturing.b. the public sector.c. human resources.d. health care.34. Between now and 2016 the largest number of new jobs in the U.S. will be ina. healthcare.b. food-service.c. professional occupations.d. information technology.35. Temporary workers, independent contractors, part-timers and leased employees are collectivelyreferred to asa. full-time-equivalent employees.b. virtual employees.c. contingent workers.d. pseudo-employees.36. Which of the following is NOT a major reason why businesses use contingent workers?a. to reduce legal liability for employers for discrimination lawsuitsb. to provide stable employment for workers with critical skillsc. to reduce compensation and benefit costsd. to accommodate employee desire for flexible work schedules.37. Which of the following is TRUE about the U.S. educational system?a. U.S. schools are graduating more engineers than can be used in the economy.b. U.S. students outperform students in other, directly-competitive nations in math andscience.c. Wages are low in the U.S. manufacturing sector because of the excess number of peoplewith manufacturing skills seeking jobs.d. The U.S. education system is not generating the types of qualified workers needed in theeconomy..38. A rumor has been circulating at the largest law firm in the city that the partners are consideringoutsourcing much of the work of the paralegals in the firm to a company in India. If you were aparalegal at this firm, what would be your most appropriate attitude or action?a. Relax. Work of this level of professionalism cannot be outsourced to a foreign firm.b. Relax. Work that requires intimate knowledge of the U.S. legal system cannot beoutsourced.c. Consider your options. Only occupations that are dying are considered for outsourcing.d. Consider your options. The firm can generate huge labor cost savings by outsourcing yourjob.39. International firms that move manufacturing operations to low-wage countries overseas are sometimescriticized for being “sweatshop employers.” Which of the following is NOT a defense for aninternational firm that is taking advantage of the wage disparity between the U.S. and less-developedcountries?a. Even though the wages are lower in the less-developed host country than in the U.S., thehost country employees are receiving higher wages than they would otherwise.b. The jobs provided by the U.S. company reduce unemployment in the host country.c. The host country employees receive specialized training that will enable them to emigrateto the U.S. for a better life.d. The working conditions in the U.S- run manufacturing plant may not adhere to U.S.standards, but those standards may be better than those typical in the host country.40. You are the recruiter for an ophthalmologic products company. Your firm needs a scientist with ahighly-specialized background. You have been unable to lure any scientist with the neededqualifications to your firm, even though you have offered a very high salary. After intensive searching,you have found a Canadian-educated, Peruvian scientist with impeccable credentials who is interestedin moving to the U.S. Which problem are you most likely to encounter?a. The inability of the scientist to adapt to the U.S. work culture.b. Tight immigration quotas for highly skilled workers.c. Your current scientific employees fearing that their work will be outsourced overseas.d. The difficulty in meeting the salary expectations of the Peruvian scientist.41. The country that has the highest hourly compensation for manufacturing production workers isa. the U.S.b. Japan.c. Australia.d. Germany.42. Eclipse Executive Services offers ransom insurance policies for companies up to $10 million perkidnapping. This is an example of a business opportunity generated by which one of the following HRmanagement challenges?a. ethical challengesb. economic and technological changesc. workforce demographics and diversityd. globalization of business43. A major trend regarding diversity is thata. as women have become almost 50% of the workforce, fewer work-family tensions exist.b. out of political and philosophical convictions many people refuse to classify themselves asany racial or ethnic group.c. the American “melting pot” has resulted in less ethnic and cultural diversity in the U.S.workforce.d. with the retirement of baby boomers, employers will experience a “brain drain.”44. Claude is the HR manager for a pharmaceuticals firm. His top sales representative, Agatha, has twinboys under age 2. Despite the fact that Agatha has a full-time nanny, it is obvious that she is stressedby the demands of her work and her personal life. Claude’s main concern in this case is probablya. how to persuade Agatha to resign.b. getting Agatha to refocus on her career through motivational training.c. retaining Agatha as an employee.d. whether Agatha will file an FMLA lawsuit.45. An integrated system providing information used by HR managers in decision making is aa. human resource administrative systemb. human resource operational systemc. human resource information systemd. human resource management system.46. Flexible hours, job-sharing, child-care referral services, and flexible leave programs are all examples ofa. executive perks.b. retention programs based on work/family concerns.c. anti-unionization programs.d. programs mandated by the Equal Employment Opportunity Act.47. In addition to administrative efficiency, the major reason for compiling data in HR managementsystems is toa. facilitate information-based HR decision making.b. develop complete records about each employee.c. strengthen the organization’s HRMS in comparison to its competitors’ HRMS functions.d. allow HR departments to retain the HRMS function in-house rather than outsourcing it tovendors.48. Ernest, the vice president of HR for the Legendary Repose motel chain, has been on the HR side of thehotel/motel industry for over 30 years. Ernest has become a prized partner with the top executives ofthe LR corporation, and his advice is valued by the executives. Ernest prides himself on makingdecisions based on his “gut” and his intuition which he has honed over his career. Which of thefollowing statements is most likely to be TRUE?a. Ernest will be impressed and influenced by strategic arguments based on analysis ofextensive HR data.b. LR’s current top executives will press Ernest to support his intuitive arguments with harddata.c. Ernest appreciates the efficiency aspect of HRMS more than the decision-making aspectof HRMS.d. Ernest is comfortable with sophisticated statistical models.49. A tweet would be most appropriate to send outa. confidential company data.b. an explanation of the reasons behind a mass layoff.c. notification to the next-of-kin that an employee had been killed in an accident.d. an alert about a policy change needing immediate implementation.50. When HR professionals from different organizations work together to solve shared business problemsthey are engaging ina. collusive HR.b. collaborative HR.c. operational HR.d. professional HR.51. Eric belongs to an informal group of HR compensation executives from various industries who shareinformation and programs through a wiki. Eric and his colleagues are engaging ina. collusion.b. corporate espionage.c. collaboration.d. cronyism.52. An organization’s initial use of an HRMS can be characterized as making HR ____ functions moreefficient.a. legalb. strategicc. administratived. competitive53. About 50% of the private sector employees in the U.S. economy are employed bya. small businesses.b. federal government agencies and the military.c. large firms in service industries, particularly health care and technology.d. traditional, large manufacturing companies.54. Which of the following is NOT a major HR concern of small businesses?a. potential unionization effortsb. shortages of qualified workersc. compliance with government regulationsd. increasing benefits costs55. Matt has recently joined his family’s wholesale landscape nursery business as vice president ofoperations. The firm employs 25 full time employees, plus about 20 seasonal employees. In the past,Matt’s father personally handled all HR issues. Matt plans to bring the company in line with typicalHR staffing levels. Matt will most probablya. hire a full-time HR manager and outsource payroll.b. add a clerical employee to help with HR tasks.c. outsource the HR function.d. hire a full-time HR professional.56. The reason that cooperation between operating managers and HR staff is necessary for HR efforts tosucceed is thata. HR professionals see the “coarse-grained picture” of organizational strategy whileoperating managers see the “fine-grained picture” of daily production.b. HR designs processes that the operating managers must help implement.c. HR professionals must implement processes that have been designed by top managementand which impact operating managers.d. HR professionals must react swiftly to initiatives created by operating managers.57. Henry, the production manager for a chemical plant, resents what he feels are unwarranted intrusionsinto his territory by HR managers. Henry feels that his relationships with his employees are strong andsupportive, and that HR initiatives generally cause unnecessary trouble and complications.a. Henry is correct, because the HR function is a support and staff function and should notintrude on day-to-day management functions.b. HR managers have the sole responsibility for the proper implementation of companypolicy regarding employees. Henry is subverting this process.c. Henry is probably committing major violations of company policy and wants to keep thissecret from HR management.d. Henry would be surprised to learn that every manager, including him, is an HR manager.58. When HR is viewed negatively in an organization, the complaints are typically expressed asa. High-level HR managers being overly focused on results rather than activities.b. HR managers being excessively focused on their gatekeeping roles.c. HR managers viewing themselves as organizational change agents.d. the HR function being too heavily involved in forming organizational competitivestrategy.59. Woodmere Production Company employees over 2,000 hourly workers. The HR department isdebating the introduction of web-based technology to handle employment applications, employeebenefit enrollments and other related functions. The move to this technology will most affect the HRdepartment’s ____ role.a. strategicb. operationalc. administratived. employee advocate60. Charlotte is describing her new HR position to a friend. She says that she handles most of the clericalduties involved in running the HR department, including such tasks as maintaining employee files andsubmitting governmental reports. Charlotte’s job would fall into the ____ HR role.a. strategicb. operational and employee advocatec. administratived. secretarial

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