| August 14, 2017

151. T F The job of the export agent is to bring together buyers and sellers from differentcountries.152. T F A trading company provides a link between buyers and sellers in different countries.153. T F Under a licensing arrangement, the licensee pays commissions or royalties on sales orsupplies used in manufacturing.154. T F Franchising is an arrangement whereby a franchisee grants a franchiser the right tomarket its product, using its name, logo, methods of operation, advertising, products, and otherelements of the franchising company’s business, in return for a financial commitment and anagreement to conduct business in accordance with the franchisee’s standard of operations.155. T F Contract manufacturing occurs when a firm pays a commission or royalties on sales orsupplies used in manufacturing.156. T F The joint venture approach has little appeal to industries involved in extraction ofnatural resources.157. T F As project sizes increase in the face of global competition and firms attempt to spreadthe huge costs of technological innovation, there is a stronger impetus to form joint ventures.158. T F A multinational enterprise is a firm that has operations or subsidiaries located inmany countries.159. T F It is impossible for a subsidiary to develop a local identity because it seldom employspersonnel from the country within which it operates.160. T F The greatest danger in becoming involved in direct ownership in internationalmarketing is political uncertainty.161. T F A subsidiary operating in a foreign country may have important tax, tariff, and otheroperating advantages over a licensing agreement or a joint venture.162. T F Exporting, licensing and franchising, trading companies, contract manufacturing, andjoint ventures are preferred modes of international market entry for firms with an exportdepartment structure.163. T F Firms that use an international division structure are often organized domestically onthe basis of functions or product divisions, while the international division operates based ongeography.164. T F Firms with internationally integrated structures are the least likely to engage in directownership activities internationally.165. T F The degree of commitment to international marketing can range on a continuumfrom national or domestic orientation to a global orientation.166. T F Globalization of marketing involves developing marketing strategies as though theentire world (or major regions of it) were a single entity.167. T F Media allocation, retail outlets, and price are among the easiest marketing mixvariables to standardize.168. T F Brand name, product characteristics, packaging, and media allocation are among theeasiest marketing mix variables to standardize around the world.169. T F Regardless of the extent to which a firm chooses to globalize its marketing strategy,extensive environmental analysis and marketing research are necessary to understand the needsand desires of the target market(s) and successfully implement the chosen marketing strategy.

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