| February 10, 2016

Using the quantitative article indicated in the Course Outline, please answer the following questions. Include the reference for the article in the reference list. You must, however, provide the section and associated page number (or numbers as appropriate) for every question that indicates they are required. For example, if writing something about the Literature review then you might note (Literature review, p. 339). The section and page number(s) show that you know which part of an article to critique for a specific area, therefore they are very important. Direct quotes from the article may be appropriate, e.g., the purpose, and they are acceptable in this part of your assignment only.
Use ONLY the ratings of WEAK, FAIR, GOOD, or STRONG (or combination such as good-strong) in all questions where ratings are required. PLEASE BE SPECIFIC.
Rate the following from the research article and provide 2 specific points of rationale for each of your ratings.
1. Research problem
2. Purpose
3. Literature review
4. Theoretical and conceptual framework
5. Research question
6. Hypothesis
7. Design/method
8. Rigour (internal and external validity)
9. Sample
10. Rigour (Reliability and validity
11. Instrument (measurement tools)
12. Data collection procedure
13. Data Analysis
14. Result
15. Discussion
16. Implication/limitation/recommendation

B. Was the Research problem clearly identified (yes/no). Give 2 rationale

C. For tables 1,2,3,4 and 5 of the article, state the value of alpha and probability (P) for each table and state if there is any statistical significance.

D. For tables1, 2, 3,4and5 of the article, state the level of measurements (Nominal, ordinal, interval and ratio) for each variable and subscale.

E. Are the practical and statistical significance distinguishable?

F. Are appropriate descriptive/inferential statistic used?

G. Are hypotheses results clearly presented?

H. Are the results understandable?
i. What are the 4 main concepts addressed in the author’s review of the literature?

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