Qualitative Research

| February 12, 2016

Qualitative Research

According to the Assignment Guide there are two parts:

To create an online resource (e.g. blog, wiki, forum) which teaches future students about one of a list of topics (all to do with qualitative research). ( this was done as part of a group). If you go into wordpress. My username is quintessentialqual and the password is qualitative

To write individually a 1,500 word rationale for the resource as an aide for teaching qualitative research.
The rationale that you write up is not necessarily a rationale for the use of the technology (i.e., blogs, videos) you might have employed, but instead a rationale that relates to the question you’ve chosen. The question which was chosen was qualitative analysis is ultimately a process of interpretative writing
The whole assignment – online resource and rationale – must relate in some way to qualitative research and, at least as an example of a qualitative research issue
In the individual rationale that when explaining why video or blogs or online interaction between people or whatever you used in the resource is a good way of teaching that you focus in on why they are a good way of teaching something in qualitative research and where appropriate use your topic or question that was picked as a way of focusing the rationale

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