QNT 561 Week 3 DQs

| March 14, 2016

Question 01:

You are the marketing manager for a jewelry store. The mean age of all shoppers for your store is 37 years (with a standard deviation of 7 years). In an attempt to attract older adults with more disposable income, you launch a new advertising campaign. Following the advertising, a random sample of 47 shoppers showed a mean age of 39.3

Using the 5-step hypothesis testing process determine if there is sufficient evidence to suggest the advertising campaign has succeeded in attracting older customers?

Use either a z test or p-value to support your conclusion.

The Five-Step Procedure for Hypothesis Testing

Step 1

State the null and alternate hypothesis (Ho and Ha).

Step 2

Select a level of significance (α or alpha) which will be used to find the critical value.

Step 3

Identify and calculate the test statistic.

Step 4

Determine the critical value and state the decision rule.

Step 5

State a conclusion and support based on the comparison of the test statistic to the critical value.

Question 02:

a. When is a one-tailed test appropriate? Explain

b. When is a two-tailed test appropriate? Explain.

c. Describe an example from your workplace of either a one-tailed or two-tailed test. State the hypotheses (Ho and Ha in terms of the variable) that you would test in terms of the measure and

Question 03:

You are presenting the results of your study to the CEO of United Airlines — you want to demonstrate whether the recent increase in late arrivals is significant or the increase in late arrivals could have happened by chance.

Your study hypotheses are:

Ho: the late arrival rate for the past two months is = to or the overall average industry rate

Suppose your p-value was calculated to be 0.05023

a. If your level of significance is 0.01 how do you present your conclusion?

b. If your level of significance is 0.05, how do you present your conclusion?

c. If your level of significance is 0.10, how do you present your conclusion?

Question 04:

Access the Write Market survey process of developing a survey at:


Of the 8 development steps described with examples, select 4 of the steps and describe the steps as related to a business issue that you identify at your workplace.


The Write Market (2012). How to Design a Survey. Retrieved May 11, 2012, from


Question 05:

You are designing a survey to assess employee satisfaction. Provide a question that will produce:

Nominal data b.

Ordinal data

Interval dat

Ratio data

An example for a question that would produce nominal data:

Which car model did you purchase?




Question 06:

Survey: Your company has determined that there is a customer satisfaction issue with your products. You will randomly select a sample of your customers to assess the problem.

Complete the following table to help you determine the issues:

(NOTE: include a question that would produce data for each level of measurement: nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio.)

Survey Question

Answer Level of Measurement

How the Answer Helps


Which product did you purchase?

Widget A

Widget B

Widget C


This question assumes that only one product would be owned by the customer and identifies the product in question for further questioning.

Question 07:

Develop five demographic questions to measure gender, age, years of experience, level of education, and ethnicity.

Identify if the data that would be collected from the question as:


Qualitative or quantitative

b. Level of measurement (nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio)


Qualitative or Quantitative?

Level of Measurement

1. gender

2. age

3. Yrs. of experience

4. Level of Education

5. ethnicity

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