| August 30, 2017

Part A. After downloading the data from the QBUS Homepage, fill the spreadsheet (Sheet 1) starting with cells A3 with 51 columns that should contain the market Indexes of the 50 Developed and Emerging markets: That is; you should end-up with 51 columns including the date column. Clean the data so that they all start with the same date and no missing observations. In other words, you may have to delete the least number of the first few rows.

[Click here for the data:.80.82.56/qbus601/market/”>]

PartB. Compute the market return ( Rt) values (Sheet 2) using:

Rt= LN(Yt/Yt-1), where

Yt= market value at time t (Month t for monthly data)

Yt-1= market value at time t-1 (Previous month for monthly data)

It should be noted that we only use Rt(Market returns for any analysis and recommendations.)

Part E.

Find an optimal solution to the following problem using the Solver of Excel.

Example 3: CSL is a chain of computer service stores.The number of hours of skilled repair time that CSL requires during the next five months is as follows:

Month 1 (January):6000 hours

Month 2 (February):7000 hours

Month 3 (March):8000 hours

Month 4 (April):9500 hours

Month 5 (May):11000 hours

At the beginning of January, [50 skilled technicians are available] and ready to start working for CSL.Each skilled technician can work up to 160 hours per month.In order to meet future demands, new technicians must be trained.It takes one month to train a new technician.During the month of training, a trainee must be supervised for 50 hours by an experienced technician.Each experienced technician is paid $2000 a month (even if he/she does not work the full 160 hours.)During his/her month of training, a trainee is paid $1000 a month.At the end of each month, 5% of CSL’s experienced technicians quit to join XYZ Computers.Find an optimal solution which enables CSL to minimize the labor cost incurred in meeting the service requirements for the next five months. Use the solver

Place your answer on[Sheet #5] of the Excel Workbook

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