commercialization of the media

| February 13, 2016

PUBLIC SPHERE:Do you agree with Habermas that with the commercialization of the media, the media has become a “platform for advertising” rather than for public discourse? Explain your answer, using examples.
Essay Question: Explore the differences between the mass media and new media in terms of their potential to create and maintain a public sphere.
Within the Powerpoint attached to this order, you will find a detailed outline of what we have studied – can you please stick to using the sources listed within the slide show?
Ensure that you analyse the and provide a variety of examples.
Further info:
A Mediated Public Sphere

As the media became more commercial, as society industrialised and capitalism dominated, Habermas felt that the public sphere went into decline becoming dominated by commercial and state forces. Others, however, have argued that the media, in different ways, was still able to allow a form of public sphere or spheres to continue, and should be encouraged as such. Also, there was the creation of counter-public spheres or alternative public spheres with the emergence of, for example, citizen journalism.

Key Reading:

Butsch, 2009. ‘Introduction: How are media public spheres?’, ‘Connection or disconnection?: tracking the mediated public sphere in everyday life’ and ‘A Necessary Profession for the Modern age?: Nineteenth century news, journalism and the public sphere’ in Media and Public Spheres.

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